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Aviäre IgY Antikörper (Hen)

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50-100 mg total IgY purified antibodies derived from yolk (eggs). ELISA, guaranteed titer >1:20 000 from purified egg yolk.

Preis: 956€ zzgl.VAT **)
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Cat. No. HP1AB05-01 Polyclonal Egg Yolk Antibodies Inquiry
Purification: Total IgY purification  
Host: 2 Hens  
Antigen Preparation Peptide Synthesis (up to 20 aa) & optimized conjugation to a carrier KLH.
Chicken Immunisation 4 immunisations, 70 days ; Egg collection **) This procedures can be continued and prolongated on demand (additional fee).
Purifications Yolk isolation and total IgY purification
First Deliveries **) 50-100 mg total IgY purified from egg yolk. Pre-immune purified total IgY. 2-3 mg free peptide, purity >90%
  Report with ELISA data ; Quantitation ; ELISA, guaranteed titer >1:20 000 from purified egg yolk, LC & MS analysis
Price Bestellnummer:HP1AB05-01
Preis: 956€ zzgl. VAT **)
Versandkosten: 55€

Polyclonal chicken antibodies (IgY) for research.

Why Chicken affinity purified IgY ?

- Because, higher titres against highly-conserved mammalian gene products !
Easier double immunostaining

Chicken IgYs can be used together with mouse and rabbit antibodies, without the danger of cross-reactivity. Secondary antibodies against chicken IgYs don’t cross-react with mammalian IgGs.

Higher detection signals

Chicken IgYs contain a larger glycosylation index, allowing more labeling with HRP and other antibody tags. This produces higher detection signals.

No "Fc domain" within the stem portion of a chicken IgY

This provides several advantages over rabbit IgGs:
It reduces the likelihood of having false positives in diagnostic applications, since it is the mammalian Fc domain that binds "rheumatoid factors" or other naturally occurring anti-Fc antibodies.
Does not activate mammalian complement systems, allowing the use of chicken IgYs in in vivo applications.
Does not bind to mammalian Fc receptors, avoiding non-specific binding to cells expressing such receptors (e.g., macrophages and dendritic cells).

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