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Peptide Array Service

Peptide Libraries
Wir bieten die kostengünstige Synthese von “custom peptide libraries” im 96-wells Mikroplattenformat an. Durch die Nutzung einer simultanen Multi-Peptid Synthesetechnologie (Fmoc) , sind wir in der Lage auch ihre Bedürfnisse zeitnah erfüllen zu können. Folgende Anwendungsgebiete für „Custom peptide libraries“ sind in der Literatur u.a. beschrieben worden: Peptidscreening für das “enzyme substrate profiling”, “protein-protein interaction region mapping”,” antibody epitope mapping”.

Analysedaten: Massenspektrum für jedes Peptid

Lieferzeit: durchschnittlich 2-3 Wochen (96 well plate)

Bitte nutzen Sie für ihre Bestellung unser Peptidbibliotheksyntheseformular [14 KB] ab 48 Peptide / Platte *)

*) Die Mindestbestellmenge pro 96-well Mikroplatte liegt bei 48 Peptiden.

**) No guarantee of purity and success of each single peptide synthesis.

Peptide Arrays

The delivery of large numbers of extremely affordable custom peptides has never been easier ...

Genosphere Biotechnologies has developed high throughput custom peptide synthesis to meet the growing demands for synthetic peptides. We offer parallel synthesis of small quantities of peptide libraries with the most efficient high throughput. Delivering 96 different peptides in a 96-well format. Each plate is individually tested for accuracy via mass spectroscopy (MS) and can be used for epitope mapping, libraries, protein characterization and much more. This technique provides researchers the ability to order large numbers of peptides at extremely affordable prices and delivered in a short time.


Quantity: 1-2 mg

Peptides : Unbound

Length: 6-20 aa

Purity: >80% (average)

Analysis: LC & MS

96 crude peptides per plate in 96-well format

Optimized chemistries

No cross contamination

QC: MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry on all peptides


N-terminal biotinylation

N-terminal acetylation

Non-standard residue incorporation

C-terminal amidation

Disulfide bridge formation (cyclization)


Epitope mapping

Alanine walking

Single amino acid mutation screening

Protein-protein interaction studies

Kinase motif discovery

Protease motif discovery

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Peptide libraries

Overlapping Peptide Library: The generation of a peptide library by breaking the original protein or peptide into many equal-length overlapping fragments is used for linear epitope mapping, continuous epitope mapping, and T-cell epitope determination.

Alanine Peptide Scanning Library: The generation of peptide library in which alanine (Ala, A) is systematically substituted into each of the amino acids can be used to identify epitope activity.

Positional Peptide Library: A selected position in a peptide sequence is systematically replaced with different amino acids to show the effect on the substitute amino acid.

Truncation Peptide Library: Truncation peptide library is used to predict the minimum amino acid length required for optimum epitope activity.

Random Peptide Library: Constructed by randomly substituting selected positions on the original peptide and simultaneously with all other natural amino acids in a shotgun approach with a purpose to elucidate potential alternatives for enhanced peptide activity.

Scrambled Peptide Library: Scrambled peptide library is constructed by carrying out permutation on the original peptide's sequence. It has the potential to give all possible alternatives and offers the highest degree of variability for peptide library.

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